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Hello! I love getting messages from my visitors. However, the bigger I grow, the harder it is to keep up with them all. So, I’ve written out a short list of my most frequently asked questions. If these don’t address your needs, or if you just want to say hello, scroll past them for my Contact form!

Q. I have the All-Access Pass but can’t access it. Help?
A. Please follow the instructions I give you below, step by step, and if you are still not able to access the Passholder area after that, let me know. Please be sure to follow the instructions exactly.

  1. Go to http://members.littlemonkeyscrochet.com
  2. Click “Log In” and enter your username and password; complete the login process.
  3. Click “All Access Passholder Entry”, the aqua link at the top of the page.
  4. Scroll down past the message and click the link at the bottom of that message, “Continue to the All Access Passholder Area”.
  5. If you see a page that says “You have reached a page with exclusive content”, refresh the page.

Q. Where is the pattern?
A. My free patterns are written out, in full, at the bottom of their blog posts. You probably didn’t scroll down far enough past my ramblings.

Q. I bought a PDF pattern from Etsy, how do I access it?
A. Etsy immediately sends you an email with a download button (check your spam folder). If you can’t find it, log in to your Etsy account and click your profile, then “purchases & reviews”. There will be a blue download button there.

Q. How do I print your patterns?
A. My patterns used to work fine on PrintFriendly.com, but they have changed something recently that no longer works with the way my blog is set up. (When you copy and paste my URLs into their site now, the pattern portion is omitted. The technical explanation: my blog posts are set up as two different text fields – one for the post, and one for the pattern. PrintFriendly used to recognize both text fields; it no longer does.) You are still welcome to copy and paste the text from the patterns into a Word or other text editing document for personal use. Sorry for the inconvenience; it seems to be out of my control.

Q. How do I <insert crochet skill here>?
A. Most of the time, these questions are much better (and more quickly) answered by doing a quick Google, Pinterest or YouTube search. If you still can’t figure something out, feel fee to message me.

Q. Do you have a pattern for <insert crochet item here>?
A. All of my patterns are listed here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, I recommend checking Ravelry, a huge pattern database.

Q. I keep clicking “download” but it’s not working.
A. I do not have any download buttons on my patterns. You are probably clicking an ad.

Q. Can I advertise on Little Monkeys Crochet?
A. Yes! Click here for more information.

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