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If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of partially-used skeins (or balls or cakes) of yarn lying around. So you’ve probably found yourself in a situation where you think you have enough yarn to make a particular pattern, but even though you can weigh the partial skein to find out how many ounces are left, [...]

Have you ever found yourself needing to know how much yarn (in yards) you used in your crochet or knitting project? This number might come in handy if you’re a seller, and wanting to keep good track of inventory and cost (for instance, how many scarves you can make and sell from those 20 skeins of [...]

When making a solid-colored hat, you can crochet in a continuous round and not worry about seams. But when you need to add stripes to your hat, using the continuous round method results in jagged color changes, which is why most pattern designers instruct you to work in joined rounds. But even then, depending on [...]

When I first started teaching myself to crochet, I looked up everything as I went. How to do something like attaching tassels to earflaps might seem obvious to the seasoned crocheter, but when the time came for me to finish an earflap beanie, I was stumped. Everyone has to learn at some point, right? This is the first [...]

Did you know that you don’t need special tools to make a cute pom pom for your hat? All you need is a piece of cardboard (and your typical crochet tools)! This is the second tutorial in a blog series I’m calling “Animal Hat Basics.”  You can also download my FREE e-book by the same name, which includes the following [...]

Most animal hats involve a certain amount of facial features that need to be attached to the base. Often the pattern designer will instruct you to leave a long tail on these features to use for sewing, but there are other methods, as well. We’re going to look at three ways to attach facial features. [...]

Animal Hat Basics Series

Are you brand new to crochet? Or making an animal hat for the first time? If you’re a little lost on how to make things like pom poms and tassels, this e-book is for you! With multi-photo tutorials and clear step-by-step instructions, you’ll be a pro in no time. You can view the individual tutorials on [...]

Today I’m going to show you how I add personalized “tea tags” to my mug cozies! My Personalized Mug Cozy was an original item in my Etsy shop two years ago, and continues to be my best seller now.  I can’t tell you how many customers have told me that the personalized cozy they gifted to [...]

I have a fun, easy, practical tutorial for you guys today, and it doesn’t even involve crocheting! I’ve been wanting to give these DIY wool dryer balls a try for a while. I ran out of dryer sheets last week, so I knew now was the time to learn. Did you know that wool dryer [...]

Looking to add a little excitement to your Half Double Crochet stitches? Look no further than this VERY simple variation on the HDC! All it takes is inserting your hook into a different loop than usual to come up with this beautiful, faux knit pattern. Now, there may be a technical abbreviation for this stitch, [...]

Raise your hand if you hate sewing into chains. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Is there anyone who doesn’t completely dread that first row of a scarf, and having to sew into all of those pesky, tight little knots? What I’m about to show you will change your life. (At least your crochet life.) With [...]