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Off the Hook Mondays {Link Party}

Happy Monday! Love is in the air this week, and since becoming a mom, it’s become clear to me (Rebecca) that Valentine’s Day can be a special day not just for my husband and I, but for my precious little boys, too. Because goodness knows, they all have a strong hold on my heart! Today’s features [...]

We’re so happy that you’re back to share your latest and greatest with us. My (Lauren’s) family has been fighting sickness this week – it’s that time of year! I hope that the beginning of February finds you and your family healthy and not hacking like my little girls. We invite you to follow your [...]

Happy Monday, friends! Are your creative juices flowing? Be sure to link up your projects! Needing some inspiration? Check out all the awesome submissions and be inspired! We invite you to follow your hostesses: Little Monkeys Crochet | Facebook | Pinterest Daisy Cottage Designs | Facebook | Pinterest This week’s features: Crocheted Ribbed Baby Booties | [...]

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2014 saw sooooo many awesome projects here at Off the Hook, and we know that this year is going to be jam-packed with even more creativity and fun.  We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! So check out the week’s features, and don’t forget to link up for a [...]

Off the Hook Monday {Week 32}

Welcome to our last Off the Hook of 2014 – can you believe it? This year has seen many amazing projects, and we’re thankful you’ve chosen to keep linking up with us. We hope you’ll make Off the Hook a normal part of your blogging in 2015, too! We hope you have a very safe [...]

Off the Hook Monday {Week 31}

Only 2 more Mondays til Christmas! Eek! Are you guys ready? I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit behind with my shopping (and crocheting). Isn’t it interesting how, when we’re children, the days seem to drag on as we wait for Christmas to come? And then when we become adults, it all seems to [...]

As you can tell by the fact that this week’s link party post is late, December has already been a busy month for me (Lauren). Besides the usual hoopla that comes with the month of December, we have birthdays and an anniversary this month. Thanks for coming back to party with us, even though the [...]

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I ate way too much. Even so, it was wonderful spending time with family and friends. As you may have noticed, we didn’t have our weekly link party last week. Rebecca and I made the executive decision to skip it… because we totally forgot with all [...]

Off the Hook Monday {Week 28}

Well, friends, here we are again! Thanks for stopping by to see what others are up to and, hopefully, to link up your own creative projects. Your hostesses have been keeping busy, too! Check out these free printables we’ve recently published: Free Wi-Fi Password Printable | Daisy Cottage Designs Printable Handmade Gift Tags | Little [...]

Off the Hook Monday {Week 27}

We’re back again with another Off the Hook Monday! We hope you’re enjoying your November. I (Lauren) have been so busy working on things for our current home addition/remodel that I’ve hardly had time to think about Thanksgiving. It honestly just hit me today that my favorite holiday is just around the corner. Time to [...]

Happy Monday, and Happy November! This time of year is when things start to get really exciting around the craft blogging world, because so many people are looking for Christmas gift inspiration. Well, we know you’ll find lots of that inspiration at Off the Hook! We invite you to link up your own projects as well, [...]

After a crazy week of unusual illnesses, I (Lauren) am happy to be back to something normal like this weekly link party. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of your fall inspired work. Living in a state where we don’t have many season changes, I enjoying fall through the eyes of other crafters who [...]

It’s time for another Off the Hook Monday! I (Rebecca) just moved with my family back to the area my husband and I both grew up in, and our new house has this beautiful, gigantic tree in the front yard that is full of fiery red leaves right now. Oh how I love fall! Just give [...]

I have to agree with Anne of Green Gables – I’m glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. My grandmother told me that April and October have the prettiest skies. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I always find myself noticing beautiful blue skies during those times of year. I hope [...]

Happy Monday, friends! Fall is certainly in full swing: the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting chillier, and we’ve turned our calendars to October. October! Is it really this time of year already? Based on all the beautiful oranges, yellows and reds on the trees (not to mention all the fun, cozy link party submissions at Off the Hook this [...]